Our company has been solving farm labor needs since 2003, utilizing the H2-A program of the US Department of Labor. Our recruiters in South Africa, New Zealand, and Eastern Europe match workers with your needs and skill set requirements.

We take care of all the filing of paperwork on your behalf to the various government agencies and travel arrangements in order to get your worker/s to you in a timely manner. When they arrive, our workers are dedicated to doing a good job for you and to work each day..
Job Duties and Tasks for: “Agricultural Crop Farm Manager”

1) Directs and coordinates worker activities, such as planting, irrigation, chemical application, harvesting, grading, payroll, and record keeping.

2) Contracts with farmers or independent owners for raising of crops or for management of crop production.

6) Records information, such as production, farm management practices, and parent stock, and prepares financial and operational reports.

7) Determines procedural changes in drying, grading, storage, and shipment for greater efficiency and accuracy.

8) Analyzes soil to determine type and quantity of fertilizer required for maximum production.

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